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capitalbreed is one of the largest renewable energy investors in Europe, with more than £2 billion of energy assets under management. It brings together energy generation, distribution and supply capabilities to provide greener, cheaper energy to consumers, and the potential for more stable, predictable returns to our investors.

The business invests across solar, wind, biomass, landfill gas and anaerobic digestion facilities, and also manages a growing portfolio of reserve power stations. But what makes it unique is the way it is integrated throughout the energy supply chain. As well as managing a large portfolio of energy assets, capitalbreed is actively investing in technology and has its own energy supply business, capitalbreed Energy.

This integrated approach to energy, combining generation, supply and technology, provides the information, knowledge and experience needed to yield better results for our investors and our customers.


Our energy investment team of more than 50 industry and investment professionals manage the largest investor-owned portfolio of Global solar assets and one of the largest European portfolios of distributed generation assets. Assets are typically financed with a combination of equity and debt from capitalbreed managed funds as well as long-term external project finance.


Our technology partner, Reactive Technologies, has unique and patented technology that allows for more intelligent management of electrical energy than is possible through existing and legacy systems.


capitalbreed Energy is a new breed of energy supplier. Launched in 2015, it’s a digitally-led, customer-focused energy company that takes the electricity generated by our renewable energy assets and offers it at market-leading rates to businesses and households.